Kriti Nanda

Medical Doctor, Wellbeing & Transformation Coach, Researcher in Contemplative Sciences

Starting my journey from the Italian Alps with Indian roots, I graduated from Heidelberg University, Germany and am currently living in Zurich, Switzerland. A medical doctor with a holistic approach, I am dedicating my spare time to volunteering for charity projects, spreading awareness for mental health, and facilitating the process of Transformation.

I believe that all we need today is hidden within us – we often simply just don’t know how to access it. The transformation tools I have learned from my guide Maitreya Dadashreeji, practiced and am sharing today, have been developed specifically for the current time and have been scientifically validated.

Unlock Inner Peace and Transformation with My Complimentary Services

Are you curious about how the best and happiest version of you feels like? Experience a profound positive shift through a range of free transformational tools and energy-based processes - all specifically designed for the current time to help you reconnect to your true self and experience harmony in your life. Bring that positive change in your life by saying yes to Transformation – Start your Transformation journey today!

Meditation Classes

Dive into a profound guided meditation, helping you connect with the power within and feel energised with positivity, lightness, and clarity.

Self Reflection Workshops

Experience highly effective energy-based processes helping you to understand yourself better, overcome challenges and grow holistically.

1:1 Support Programs

Clear mental and emotional blockages, empty your heart and mind by expressing yourself and refill yourself with positive energy.

Coaching & Mentoring Programs

Mental and Emotional Well-Being | Stress Management | Yoga and Meditation | Personal Transformation.



First time I experienced the energy process last year in june. That time, i was Feeling very tired and was suffering from a loss of energy. A few days after the energy process, my body got stronger. I also started with meditations twice a week. After one month, i felt amazing, like a new person. I would recommend it to everyone, because these experiences are real.

M., 34 y.

It's been such a soul touching experience - the warmth I felt is hard to describe. I came into it with the intention of calming down and reducing my anxiety. Yet, I experienced so much more - the bodily relaxation coupled with the mind being put at ease in the most loving way. I would recommend to try with whatever intention you feel like - it will be soul touching nonetheless.

S., 42 y.

I felt very restless and at that time was suffering from many migraine attacks. It felt as if my “battery” was completely down. When we did the energy process, it felt immediately like the battery of the body was charged up, I felt calm and deeply relaxed, peaceful and simply very very well.